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September 09, 2010


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Rob Cos

Thanks Mark and findingDulcinea for this wonderful blog! GREAT job.

May God Bless the 9/11 vicitms, their families & friends. I will never forget the courage, kindness, humanity and resilence shown that day and the months afterwards.

America should be proud. Each year I watch on MSNBC - a replay of the footage from that morning as it actually ran minute by minute on NBC on 9/11/2001. Re-watching the footage as it occured still has me astonished each year as to the amazing resilience of the victims families, the survivors, the city of New York, the financial markets,and the world. That resilence, kindness and humanity is something everyone should thank God for and be proud of. Lets all say a prayer for those that lost their lives that week and those whose lives, in some way, were changed forever. May God Bless us all!

Maryann Gunning

Remember the Love!

That is such a perfect way to honor those that we lost, and those that survived.

In the midst of our too busy lives, I am always grateful to findingDulcinea & Mark Moran for "never forgetting" to remind me about the love and the compassion that I felt and witnessed on September 11th and the many, many months following. I renew my vows to hold my loved ones close, to be more patient and compassionate. To keep all life's "stuff" in perspective. At least until next September, when I hope you will remind me again! I remember the love.

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