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April 29, 2008



This is a situation where we shouldn't have to be asking: "What would you do for health care?" but rather, "What should the government be doing about my health care?"

There's no such thing as an equal playing field when people are compelled to make such tremendous sacrifices just to stay healthy.

Viva La Revolution, Baby.

Kate Davey

As someone who has been without health care and needed a doctor in that time period, I think that if any of those opportunities had presented themselves as a viable option I might have taken them. If I had been really sick or diagnosed with a chronic condition or disease that required many trips to the hospital then I would have considered any of those options. But all I had was bronchitis, which required antibiotics, which required a trip to an er, which after four hours of waiting, five minutes to see the doctor and a prescription for Z-pack, left me with a 600 dollar bill. 600 dollars for FIVE minutes with a doctor after FOUR HOURS of waiting for FIVE little pills! Considering the state of our health care system, it is surprising that not more people take one of these "options" for health care. Or you could always move to Europe, become an European citizen and have pretty decent health care for close to nothing.

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