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October 16, 2008


Blocked drains

Nice blog.I saw so many blogs about joe and his plumber services.Cool!!!!


Suddenly I am more saddened to be American. Joe the Plumber is the average American that makes the world a better place. He gets up every day and does an honest days work for an honest days pay. He isn't perfect, none of us are. However, the media has turned him into someone to castigate. Go ahead and elect your elitest snob candidate who got where he is not because of his qualifications, (name one if you can). Those of us earning under $100,000 per year, working an honest days work for an honest days pay would gladly lock arms with Joe the Plumber and stand up for our rights. You who claim to be for the working class....I am not convinced. I am sad...indeed.


The only fools on here are those who believe that it is ok for officials or anyone with the ability to government investigative abilities, to open Joe's life in the media. The guy was on his own street in his own yard tossing a ball with his kid when Obama came walking down the street with zombies in tow! Shaking hands and talking with people basicly just stumping, so Joe asks a qestion that Obama answers and it fails miserably with the public. This is where most people figured out his real agenda that was never stated the way he stated it to "Joe". Remeber one thing, Barack signed up for PUBLIC office and the scrutiny that goes with it, "Joe" average asked a question and has been roasted!


joe talking fool


You people at finding Dulcinena seem like a fun, interesting crowd. Have any job openings?


So typical of this guy to be demanding things that he isn't even eligible to receive because he's sort of a crook


wait - how much does joe charge per toilet to bring home 250K? is that net or gross?


I hope the media rides this one as long as they can.


And even more news: Joe the Plumber makes over $250K a year; he's not registered to vote; he was never "undecided" (he's a McCain supporter);" AND he's related to a friend of Todd Palin. Did they think we wouldn't find out???

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