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November 19, 2008


Account Deleted

Great post. I'm checking out Plurk now...


Tommy and Salinda Howell

Super excited about finding this blog post! Shareaholic is something of value that we are putting into action now. Thanks again!

Sherman Social Media Smith

wow I never knew these sites existed. Social Media is great and the fact that it makes building your business much easier. These tools are the next level to social media. It sounds like it makes it even more convenient to use social media which is great for business owners. Thanks for sharing this information

Authority Networker

The combination of internet network marketing and social media is a perfect attraction marketing strategy to reach potential customers anywhere in the world. Many marketers are attracted to social media because of the reduced costs compared to expensive television, radio and newspaper ads. Social media marketing taps into a familiar concept called attraction marketing and lets you build relationships with your targeted audience. Build people and people will build your business. Social media sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and Digg can help establish your presence in a number of different places on the Web and generate qualified free MLM leads and guaranteed MLM signups. Traditional marketing will never be able to target as precisely as social media marketing. Just imagine the social media profits you can have in being able to recruit people from different places.


Flock all the way... It's my default browser for last one and half year. I am loving it.

David Everitt-Carlson

Good post. I'm checking out Tumblr now...

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