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May 01, 2009


N95 Respirator

"Somewhere in between panic and ignorance is a happy medium." Good advice!

How To Prevent Flu

Actually, you can get swine flu from eating meat if it isn't properly cooked. But you're correct - as long as the meat has been properly prepared, pork isn't the way to catch swine flu. As for it getting out of hand, I'm pretty sure it's already out of hand. The disease has reached pandemic status, and really has everyone in a panic. Everyone be careful, and wash your hands frequently!

Cyber Rainbow

a lot of information. thanks.

Twin XL

I hope all of this doesn't get out of hand! Great article with good information though.

jim jacks

My brother in california is sick but its not swine.

get a load of this scary Report.


Account Deleted

Colonial Medical Supplies just received new shipment of 3M N95 Masks. All of our distributors are already out of stock. Once current stock is sold any additional shipments will be delayed. Masks can be purchased at any one of our 3 retail locations or online at www.colonialmed.com


cute pig! i don't want swine flu and i don't want to eat that pig because he is cute.

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