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April 10, 2011


Ken Soper, MCC

As you point out, no government website is above writing opinions that make their actions and policies look good. It is indeed important to read even .gov site with scepticism.

One example of this need to think critically about information on such sites are the data about occupations that are "hot", meaning in demand. The category of "hot" is based on historical data, not real time data, and the data is a overall picture of what is happening in the nation. The data is also based on assumptions about the future, and we all know how assumptions can be helpful but also 'get us in a pickle.' These occupational growth projections do not account for the unpredictable, such as the 9/11/2001 WTC terrorist attacks and the financial meltdown and subsequent "Great Recession."

I see many people who are trying to change careers and are doing so without verifying the accuracy of the employment outlook and other important factors about employment in their chosen occupation in their locale.

Thinking critically about the information they have gleaned as well as interviewing people currently in the occupation before committing and acting to enter the field will always made for a much better reasoned and informed decision.

Ken Soper, MA, MDiv
NCDA recognized Master Career Counselor

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